Best Toys for Labradoodle Puppies


Labradoodles have two very energetic and playful parents, and it comes as no shock that this pup has inherited these traits as well. This dog is the result of a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, both of whom are very intelligent dogs. The Labradoodle has inherited this intelligence and playful nature, which it love to run around outside and needs to stay mentally and physically stimulated. If a Labradoodle is not allowed to release all of its pent-up energy sufficiently, or if it does not feel like it’s mentally stimulated enough, this pup will get rather destructive.

A bored dog will turn your house upside down and leave a mess that can be very difficult to take care of, so it is best to keep your pup entertained at all times. Make sure they have quite a few toys at their disposal so that they can stay engaged. If you are having difficulty figuring out what kind of toys to pick for your Labradoodle, this list of the top ten best toys for Labradoodles is sure to help narrow down your search! 

10 Best Toys for Labradoodle Puppies 

1. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

This toy is an absolutely perfect chew toy for adult Labradoodles and makes the perfect teethers for Labradoodle puppies who have sore gums. It is flavored with bacon, peanut butter, or chicken, so you can rest assured your dog will spend hours on end chewing on this flavourful toy. The bone comes in a variety of sizes, so you can pick one depending on how old your Labradoodle is. The bone is completely non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about what your pup is chewing on, and it is made up of durable nylon material, which means it will last through many rigorous chewing sessions. However, if given to an older Labradoodle with sharper teeth, make sure it does not bite into the toy and break a piece away. 

2. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy

This one isn’t just for entertainment purposes but is also a great way to help your Labradoodle master its mental faculties. These are very intelligent dogs, and they need toys to keep their minds stimulated, and this puzzle toy does just that. Food is released once your pup manages to solve the puzzle, and it can help stave off boredom and destructive behaviors. The only issue with this toy is that if you have a Labradoodle that is quite the brainiac, your pup may end up solving the puzzle too soon and consequently get bored of the toy. 

3. Kong Jumbler Ball

This ball has a smaller tennis ball inside of it that makes a squeaking sound every time it hits the sides. It comes with a handle that can be easily picked up by your Labradoodle, who can then shake it around to its heart’s content. Your Labradoodle may enjoy brawling with the ball or play fetch with it. The squeaking sound makes this a wonderful interactive toy. However, this is not suitable for very young Labradoodles since the ball is quite large, although a puppy may enjoy pushing it around.  

4. Tuffy Zoo Animal Elephant

This one is just too cute! A fluffy little best friend for your pooch to cuddle when it goes to sleep, this elephant toy is bound to keep your Labradoodle happy. It is machine washable, and it also floats in water which means it can accompany your Labradoodle into the bath. Although it isn’t necessarily a chew toy, it is very sturdy and durable thanks to the four layers of material and the seven rows of stitching on this plushie. It is a great toy for an anxious Labradoodle. The only downside is that the chewing will eventually cause tears since the elephant was not designed to be a chew toy. 

5. Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball

If you are fed up with your Labradoodle chewing through every toy you give it, this may be the perfect toy for you and your Labradoodle! This ball is advertised as indestructible, and it can last your Labradoodle from puppyhood well into its older years. This ball is famous for its durability in the face of intense chewing, and it is made up of non-toxic materials. It is better suited for larger dogs, but your puppy may have a fun time rolling it around and brawling with it. 

6. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

If you’re tired of playing fetch with the same old ball, this Zogoflex Zisc may be the best toy for you and your Labradoodle! If you can a puppy that loves to play fetch and run around, this frisbee-like toy is great. You can throw it at great distances on your first few tries, and it will keep you and your Labradoodle entertained for hours. The material is also soft, so it will not hurt your Labradoodle’s mouth, not to mention it is also water-resistant.  

7. Jalousie 5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys

If you have a pup that loves a good game of tug of war, these little squeaky toys are perfect! They are adorable and feature a range of different animals. If you have a puppy that wants a teether, these toys are a great option. However, if an older dog starts to chew on these, they’ll wear away pretty quickly. 

8. Kong Goodie Bone

The Goodie Bone is meant to be filled with your dog’s favorite treats so that your Labradoodle can spend hours trying to get the treat from the bone. It can get a bit dirty with time, but it can always be tossed in the dishwasher and cleaned. It is quite durable and will last your Labradoodle from puppyhood all the way to adulthood. 

9. West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Puzzle Toy

Made with non-toxic material, this toy is similar to the Goodie Bone. It can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats, and you can sit back and watch while your puppy tries to get at the treat for hours on end. An older, hungrier Labradoodle may end up destroying the toy, though. 

10. Kong Classic Dog Toy

You can fill this toy with treats and also use it to play fetch when needed. It is versatile and helps clean your pup’s teeth and gums, not to mention help a puppy with teething as well. tIt is made up of non-toxic, all-natural rubber. 


Things to consider before choosing a toy for Labradoodle Puppies

Keep it challenging

Labradoodles are very smart dogs. If your sole focus is their physical exercise and you give them toys such as frisbees and balls alone, they will get rather bored very quickly. Keep up the exercise so that their extra energy is released, but also give their mind a workout by giving them toys that are challenging in addition to being entertaining. You can give your Labradoodle puzzles to keep them occupied for hours on end or interactive toys that they can engage with to ensure they do not get bored and chew through your favorite shoes! 

Dental needs 

Dental care is of paramount importance when it comes to Labradoodles. For a Labradoodle puppy, a chew toy is necessary for their teething needs. When their teeth are coming in, their gums will be sore and irritated. In order to calm them down, give them a chew toy that has been resting in the freezer for a while so that it can serve as a cold pack for your puppy’s sore gums. For older Labradoodles, chew toys are just as important due to the fact that they promote good dental health. Buy toys that specify that they are good for your dog’s gums and have grooves and ridges on the surface for a satisfying chewing experience for your Labradoodle! 

Keep the toys dog-specific 

You may think it is a good idea to give your son or daughter’s old toys to your Labradoodle, but this is a highly discouraged practice. A human child’s toys are not designed keeping in mind the health and safety needs of dogs, and for this reason, you should get them toys that have been specifically designed for pups. If you give them a toy filled with beads or liquid to chew, they may tear into it and swallow harmful chemicals, not to mention the tiny balls can be a major choking hazard for your dog. 

Surprise your Labradoodle

Labradoodles are smart, which means they need variety in order to stay entertained. You cannot expect them to remain satisfied with just one toy for long periods of time. Once your Labradoodle gets bored, they will delve into destructive behaviors. It is best to provide your pup with a range of toys to choose from so that they can pick and choose depending on their mood and stay engaged and entertained.   


What will happen if my Labradoodle gets bored?

A bored Labradoodle is something you definitely do not want on your hands. When not sufficiently mentally and physically stimulated, your Labradoodle pup may develop some destructive behaviors. They may chew through any soft surfaces they find, such as shoes, leather bags, and they may make quite a mess around the house while exploring out of curiosity brought upon through boredom. You will probably come home to a huge mess, so it is best to give your pup access to a good amount of toys so that they stay happy and engaged. 

Can I give my Labradoodle an animal bone to play with?

Dogs play with animal bones all the time in the wild, so they are a great toy option. However, be sure not to give your Labradoodle pork bones since these aren’t usually suitable for dogs. When giving your dog an animal bone, make sure it isn’t too small since it may become a choking hazard, and also ensure that the bone is raw and clean. A cooked bone is much softer than a raw bone, and it may break off and splinter while your pup chews on it, causing mouth injuries or choking.  

How can I use toys during training?

You can use toys during training as rewards for good behavior, just like treats! Labradoodles get very attached to their toys, so they will be jumping for joy at the sight of them. You can use them for training your dog to obey commands. 

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