Best Collar for Goldendoodles


Goldendoodles truly combine Poodle and Golden Retriever genes to give you the absolute best of both worlds! These pups are super friendly and also pretty active. They love to jump and run around, so you need to pick a collar that suits your Goldendoodle’s playful needs. If a Goldendoodle is not allowed to release all of its pent-up energy, it may become destructive, so it is very important to make sure your pup gets its daily dose of fresh air and exercise.

These dogs a smaller than the average Golden Retriever but are somewhat larger than the Poodle, and they have a gorgeous coat of luscious and glossy curly to wavy hair. It is important you find a collar that suits the needs of your Goldendoodle. In order to help you pick a collar that will suit your pup’s lifestyle, we have compiled a list of the ten best collars for Goldendoodles.  

10 Best Collars for Goldendoodles 

1. OmniPet Round Latigo Leather Dog Collar

When it comes to Goldendoodles, rolled leather collars are usually a better option due to their softness and durability. However, it is also a fact that most leather collars are quite expensive and maybe too much to afford for most Goldendoodle owners. If you’re looking for a rolled leather collar on a budget, the OmniPet collar is a great option. The only issue is that it’s a bit thin, due to which it may not be the best option for Goldendoodles with long hair since it may become hidden.

2. Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Collar

Padded leather collars are usually the collars of choice for Goldendoodle owners. However, it is also true that many people do not prefer to use leather. If you are looking for a padded collar that isn’t leather, this nylon option by Mighty Paw is a great fit. It’s soft, weather, and odor resistant, and perfect for a playful pup that needs a highly durable collar!

3. Max and Neo Nylon Martingale Collar

These collars are a great option due mainly to their use when it comes to training Goldendoodles. These are available in small enough sizes to fit a Goldendoodle puppy and are great training collars. They stay loose around the neck when your dog is at ease but tighten when your dog begins to pull away. They work great to help your dog learn subtle commands. These will not choke your pup and are available in a range of bright colors as well! 

4. Frisco Solid Martingale Dog Collar With Buckle

Frisco’s collar is a great option if you are looking for a martingale collar for your Goldendoodle. These are available in a range of sizes, and their tightening mechanism will ensure that your Goldendoodle stays on the leash at all times and prevents them from escaping. The hardware on this collar has a gorgeous nickel finish which makes the collar look sleek and a perfect fashion statement. However, the downside of this collar is the nylon material. Make sure your dog stays protected from any rough edges and keep an eye out for any matted fur underneath the collar.

5. Circle T Oak Tanned Rolled Leather Collar

This rolled leather collar is perfect for your Goldendoodle’s particular fur since it keeps the coat from matting. It is very high-quality, full-grain leather, which means the collar will get soft and mold according to your dog’s specific body type with time, making it so much more comfortable and long-lasting. In addition to this, it has a stiff inner lining which means it will maintain its shape for a very long time. However, this collar is a bit thin, and if you tend to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat long, the collar may disappear underneath all that luscious fur. Also, you’ll need to figure out how to attach the ID since it does not come with a ring. 

6. CollarDirect Soft Leather Dog/Puppy Collar

This collar is for all the fancy Goldendoodles out there who need a collar as fashionable as it is comfortable. CollarDirect’s collar is made of genuine leather, which is soft and comfortable, and it is double layered, making it extra durable. It can be hand washed and has a very soft inner layer to ensure maximum comfort. It comes with brass hardware and is available in multiple different colors as well. This also comes in a variety of sizes. Rest assured that your Goldendoodle’s collar-related needs are taken care of throughout their lifetime. 

7. OmniPet Signature Leather Bone Collar

This OmniPet color is unique and fashionable, as well as very comfortable for your Goldendoodle. It has nickel hardware which means you won’t have to worry about the belt breaking during a rough play session due to its high durability. It has cute bone-shaped studs around the collar, which will help your pup stand apart from the rest of the pooches on the block. It is made with genuine leather and comes in a variety of colors as well. 

8. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker

This smart collar is made with genuine leather to ensure your Goldendoodle stays comfortable, and it also comes in sports material for active sessions. The collar is fitted with a GPS and activity tracker, so you don’t need to worry about your dog’s whereabouts if they’ve strayed a little far away from home. It is a good idea to monitor your Goldendoodle’s movements since these pups tend to wander off quite a bit. 

9. Black Rhino Comfort Dog Collar

This is a heavy-duty nylon collar for all those Goldendoodle owners who do not prefer leather. It is lined with neoprene to keep the insides soft and comfortable, and it also has reflective stitching to keep your dog visible during the nighttime. Even though it is heavy-duty, it is incredibly lightweight, and the only downside to this collar is the buckles which can be a bit difficult to undo. 

10. Go Tags Personalized Dog Collar

The perfect fashion statement for your Goldendoodle! These collars are made up of nylon and are customizable, adding that extra touch of uniqueness. Available in a large variety of colors, these collars are very sturdy and durable, not to mention very simple and easy to snap on and off.


Things to consider before choosing a collar for Goldendoodles 

The size of your Goldendoodle 

When picking out a collar or harness, it is crucial to keep the age of your Goldendoodle in mind, as well as the size that your dog is expected to grow into. Whether your pup is a Standard, Miniature, or Toy Goldendoodle will have a large impact on your collar choice. A smaller Goldendoodle will need a collar that is relatively narrow even when fully matured, while a Standard Goldendoodle may start off with a narrow collar as a puppy but grow up to need a wider collar. Make sure you measure your pup for a collar before committing to one, and if your dog is a puppy and will probably grow larger in a matter of months, do not invest too much in a puppy collar since your pup will outgrow it in the blink of an eye!  

Material and durability 

It is an established fact that the Goldendoodle is a playful and energetic pup. Due to their exercise needs and their love for the outdoors, Goldendoodles needs a collar that is resistant to water and general wear and tear. If you get a collar that is too delicate, your pup will have it in shreds before the price tag comes off! Make sure you pick a collar that is weather-resistant, with the tags make of stainless steel, which is strong enough to handle your pup’s playful adventures in the park. Leather is a great option when it comes to the material of the collar.  

Easy to use 

A collar is no good if you can’t even get it on your Goldendoodle. Due mainly to their excitable and jumpy nature, it may be very difficult to get a complicated collar with intricate buckles and belts around your pup’s neck. It is best to pick a simple collar with a straightforward fastening method that won’t take too much time to snap on.  

Comfortable for your Goldendoodle 

When it comes to picking out a collar, the comfort of your Goldendoodle is paramount. It should be the right size since if it is too tight, you run the risk of choking your Goldendoodle. Other than that, you need to make sure there are no rough edges around the collar since this may lead to chaffing around the neck, which can be very painful for your pup. The material used should be soft, and you should make sure to get a collar that does not have any ornamentations or embellishments like charms and spikes that hurt or irritate your pup. A comfortable Goldendoodle is a happy Goldendoodle!  


How do I measure my Goldendoodle’s collar size?

The hardest part of measuring your Goldendoodle for a collar is getting them to keep still while you do it. Once you have that part pinned down, it is relatively straightforward. Use a soft measuring tape, devoid of any rough or sharp edges, to measure your Godlendoodle’s neck. Wrapt it around your pup’s neck and hold it snug. Loose enough to ensure comfort but tight enough for you to be unable to slip any fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you feel as though your pup is between two sizes, always go for the larger size.   

Are there collars designed specifically for Goldendoodles? 

Well, not exactly. However, there are ceratin collars that are better suited to the needs of your Goldendoodle as compared to others. For example, you need to find a collar that is the perfect size for your pup, as well as a collar that can withstand messy play sessions. In addition to this, you should get a collar that does not encourage matting of the fur around the neck since Goldendoodles tend to develop matted fur. 

How is a nylon collar different from a leather collar? 

A leather collar is generally better than a nylon collar,, however, a good quality nylon collar can also be just as comfortable as a leather collar. Nylon collars tend to have rougher edges, as compared to the soft-edged leather collars, and this can cause your Goldendoodle’s fur to get caught in the collar. It is important to look for a nylon collar with a soft inner lining if you prefer nylon over leather. 

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