Best Brushes for Maltipoos


Maltipoos are so cute that they’ll make your heart melt with a single head tilt! These little pups take full advantage of their teddy bear-like appearance to get their way and always be the center of attention. Maltipoos are the fun-sized result of a cross between a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Maltese, and they are as playful as they are small! These pups have a soft, cotton-like coat that makes them the perfect cuddle companions after a long day, and they will be jumping for joy at the prospect of curling up with you on the couch in front of the TV.

They are also super playful and are known to be a little anxious by nature, so they really need all of your tender love and care. Their coats are low shedding, and low demanded thanks to the Poodle genes, but they require a fair bit of upkeep to keep their coats looking fluffy and well-groomed. A brush is key when it comes to making sure your Maltipoo stays looking as adorable as ever. Here are our top picks for Maltipoo brushes. 

10 Best brushes for Maltipoos

1. Poodle Pet Dog Brush

This is a great brush option for your little Maltipoo! It effectively removes the undercoat and works to detangle the fur, all the while massaging your pup’s skin with its rounded tips. It is incredibly easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic design, and it is also available in two sizes, so you can pick one according to the age of your Maltipoo. It is very gentle on your pup’s skin and does not cause any irritation. The massaging feature means that it will keep your Maltipoo calm during grooming sessions and will improve blood flow to allow for a healthier and shinier coat.  

2. Pet Portal Dog Brush

This is a really good option when it comes to brushes for Maltipoos. It features an ergonomic design, so it won’t tire you out, and it is also very easy to clean thanks to the retractable design, which pushes the hair forward to be wiped off with ease. The handle is very comfortable in hand and is designed to prevent fatigue. The brush effectively detangles and helps remove loose fur and mats. 

3. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush

The Hetrzko brush is great because of how easy it is to use, thanks to the well-thought-out design, as well as because of how easy it is to clean up after a messy brushing session with a lot of fallout. This brush features retractable bristles, which help to push the hair up with the press of a button, ready to be wiped off. It effectively detangles, removes dander, and gets rid of any loose hair or matted fur. 

4. Poodle Pet Dematting Comb

This comb is a great option because it helps remove knots, tangles, and any matted fur from your Maltipoo’s coat. The handle is very comfortable in hand and is rather easy to grip, which means you can go on brushing for longer without getting tired. It is also very easy to clean and is built in a way to remain safe for your Maltipoo, keeping their skin free of scratches. 

5. Pat Your Pet 2-sided Dematting Comb

This comb effectively removes tangles and debris from your Matlipoo’s curly coat. It also helps to rid the coat of any and all matted fur. Even the most stubborn mats will be no match for this comb. It is easy to use. However, it is only available in one size, so it may not be suitable for Maltipoo puppies. 

6. Starsource Dog Grooming Brush

The Starsource brush is a great option for grooming an anxious little Maltipoo. It will help calm your pup and leave it in a relaxed state, thanks to the comforting bristles that gently massage the skin and relieve tension. It is very easy to use thanks to the anti-slip rubber handle and is overall comfortable to hold in hand. 

7. Fuzzy Family Grooming Brush for Dogs

With soft nylon bristles, this brush is a great option to help your Maltipoo feel relaxed and at ease. It is double-sided, effectively detangling, dematting, and helping rid the coat of any loose fur. It is very easy to use thanks to the ergonomic design as well.   

8. GLWAD Anti-Skid Rubber Dog Grooming Brush

This brush is very easy on the skin of your sensitive little Maltipoo. It has soft rubber bristles that massage your pup while detangling the coat. It also helps to remove dander, and it will leave your Maltipoo feeling refreshed. 

9. Pet Neat Grooming Brush

Incredibly durable, this brush is very easy to use thanks to its well-built nature. It will help you get through your Maltipoo’s coat fairly quickly and will effectively remove any tangles or mats. The head is detachable, which means it is also easier to clean. 

10. Li’l Pals Dog Brush

This brush massages the Maltipoo and helps the pup bond with its owner during the grooming session. The head rotates, making it easier to use since it puts less strain on the hand. It also helps redistribute the oils in the Maltipoo’s skin. 


Things to consider before choosing a brush for Maltipoos 

Wooden handles and backs   

Maltipoos, and all other dogs for that matter, secrete natural oils from their skin that help keep their skin and coat looking moisturized, glossy, and healthy. It is important to ensure that this oil is distributed throughout the coat because if it is allowed to gather in one place, it will make your Maltipoo’s coat look greasy and unclean. For this purpose, wooden brushes are great. The wood naturally absorbs the oils and helps spread it across the coat, making your Maltipoo’s fur look shiny and healthy! High-quality wooden brushes are also less likely to snap, and while some good plastic brushes can be pretty durable, they aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Wood is the way to go if you are looking for a natural and sustainable option. 

Durable build 

You need to make sure you buy a brush that is sturdy and made up of tough materials. If you buy a wooden brush, make sure it is made of high-quality wood that won’t snap after two brushing sessions. You need to buy a brush that will last since brushes aren’t something that you will need to invest in regularly. One brush should last you a long time. Also, when it comes to pins and bristles, make sure they are securely attached and not flimsy. They should not break into your Maltipoo’s fur because they may get lost in the fluffy coat and cause injuries later that may lead to infection. 

Comfortable for your Maltipoo

Make sure you Maltipoo enjoys the brushing. For this reason, you need to ensure that your pup is comfortable and they aren’t being hurt by the brush. A brush with pins that rake the skin or a brush that pulls on the hair too much may make the brushing experience unpleasant for your Maltipoo, who may then try to run away at the very sight of a brush. Maltipoos are anxious pups by nature, and you need to make sure they stay calm and do not fear brushing. If they get scared, they may not allow you to groom them. Bond with your pup over a nice relaxing brushing session, making the experience enjoyable for both you and your pup. 

Ergonomic design 

If you aren’t enjoying the brushing session, chances are neither is your Maltipoo. These pups are very sensitive and will pick up on your bad mood and become distressed. For this reason, you should pick out a brush that is designed to sit comfortably in your hand. The stem should be easy to hold and not dig into your skin, and the paddle should not be too heavy since a heavy brush may cause wrist and arm pain later.  


How often should I brush my Maltipoo?

Maltipoos, much like their Poodle parents, are pretty high-maintenance pups. These dogs need to be brushed daily to keep their curly and fluffy coats healthy and clean. If it is not brushed, it may tangle and become full of matted fur, which will then be painful for both you and your pup to correct later. On the bright side, Maltipoos rarely shed thanks to the Poodle DNA, making them largely hypoallergenic. You won’t have to worry too much about cleaning up loose fur with this pup. 

What other grooming tools will I need for my Maltipoo? 

If you are someone who prefers to groom your Maltipoo at home, there are a few things that are necessary to have in your doggie arsenal. A pair of sharp salon scissors and thinning shears for the occasional trim, a clipper with added attachments for keeping the Maltipoo’s coat neat and tidy, a can of a detangling solution to help get stubborn knots out of your Maltipoo’s coat without making it too unpleasant, and of course, a good dog shampoo that can clean out your pup’s coat thoroughly while keeping it moisturized.

Can I use a human hairbrush on my Maltipoo? 

This probably isn’t the best idea, due mainly to the fact that you Maltipoo will need a brush that satisfied particular doggie needs, and a human hairbrush just won’t suffice. They have fur that is very curly and fluffy, and the average human paddle brush isn’t the best option out there. Opt for a dog-specific option always. 

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