Best Brushes for Cockapoos


Cockapoos are adorable, and that’s a fact. These pups are so affectionate and playful, and they truly inherit the best of both parent breeds. This pup is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, and it has the brains and beauty of both. They love to be around people and are especially attached to their human families. The Cockapoo can come in a variety of coat types, and the outcome is highly dependent on which parent the pup takes after. These pups are generally low-shedding owing to the Poodle genes, but that isn’t exactly a guarantee.

All dogs will shed a little bit, at least. Their coats range from tight and curly to loose and wavy. The tight curls, on average, need more brushing and upkeep than the straighter varieties because curlier hair is more prone to developing mats. Regular brushing is very important, and you need to have a good dog brush to use for this purpose. Here are our top picks for Cockapoo brushes on the market. 

10 Best brushes for Cockapoos 

1. GoPets Pin and Bristle Brush

This is a great brush for Cockapoos, especially Cockapoo puppies! The brush is 2-in-1, with one side serving as a bristle brush and the other side serving as a pin brush. The pins have rounded tips to ensure the dog’s skin does not get scratched since this may lead to injuries and infections. The bristles are made of nylon and work to effectively get rid of any mats or tangles in your Cockapoo’s fur. 

2. AtEase Accents

For all the environmentally-conscious dog owners out there, this brush is a great option. It is eco-friendly and is made up of sustainable bamboo wood. The wood helps to redistribute the natural oil in your Cockapoo’s skin, and the pins are rounded for a safe and scratch-free brushing experience. This is also a great brush for younger Cockapoos. It is 2-in-1, with one side being a bristle brush and the other being a pin brush. 

3. Wahl 2-in-1

This brush comes in a variety of sizes, and you can pick one depending on the age of your Cockapoo. It is a pin-bristle brush and has a handle designed ergonomically to ensure a comfortable brushing experience for the dog owner as well. It features nylon bristles which are rounded so that they do not rake against the skin of your Cockapoo. 

4. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush

This brush is a Pet-owners favorite for very understandable reasons. It helps to get rid of any loose fur and debris from your Cockapoo’s coat, and the brush effectively gets through the entire coat without scratching the dog’s skin. It is also very easy to clean, thanks to the retractable bristles. It can easily be wiped clean after every session.  

5. The Pet Portal Pro

This is another easy-to-clean option featuring retractable bristles so that the cushion can be wiped clean. This is a slicker brush and works to detangle and smooth out your Cockapoo’s coat, leaving it looking its absolute best! The brush is also available in a variety of sizes, so you can pick one depending on your Cockapoo’s age. 

6. Glendan Dog Brush

This is a highly-rated option, and it is available in two colors and two sizes. The brush features rounded bristles that help massage your Cockapoo’s skin while you brush, ensuring your pup stays relaxed and happy. The face also rotates, so it minimizes wrist strain. 

7. DoodleBrush Slicker Brush for Poodle Breeds

This brush is highly rated for Cockapoos because it was designed keeping the specific needs of Poodles and other Doodle breeds in mind. This brush helps you effectively gather more loose fur and brush in long strokes thanks to its design, and it also features flexible and curved pins that prevent the fur from catching in the brush and being pulled. 

8. Home of Paws Pin Brush

This brush is 2-in-1, helping to de-shed as well as groom your Cockapoo. The pins on the brush have rounded tips and so is gentle and much more comfortable for your dog. It is also a great brush for most breeds, which means it can be used for any other dogs you may have around the house as well. 

9. PawsPamper Rake Brush

This undercoat rake penetrates deep into the coat to effectively clean and groom your Cockapoo. The blades on the rake are rounded, which means it will not scratch your dog’s skin, and it features a durable design. 

10. Four Paws Magic Coat Pin Brush for Dogs

A great option to help detangle and smooth out your Cockapoo’s coat. It also features rounded bristles, which massage your Cockapoo’s skin, increasing blood flow and helping the coat look and feel healthier.  


Things to consider before choosing a brush for Cockapoos 

Wooden handles and backs   

When you buy a brush for your Cockapoo, it is a good idea to focus on the material it is made from. If you are someone that prefers products that are more environmentally friendly and natural, you may want to go for a wooden brush over plastic. Plastic brushes are also generally flimsier as compared to wooden options, but you must ensure that the brush is constructed from high-quality wood that won’t snap after a few uses. Wood also absorbs and redistributes the natural oils that the Cockapoo’s skin secretes, keeping it glossy, moisturized, and clean. 

Durable build 

You need to buy a brush that will last. If you invest in one good brush, it can easily last you a long time. It isn’t worth it to buy a cheap brush that doesn’t do a well enough job and ends up becoming a bigger expense because you have to replace it so frequently. Buy a brush that is sturdy and well-balanced. If the paddle is too big and the stem is too thin, the brush may snap after a few sessions. Also, make sure that the pins and bristles are secured firmly in the cushion and do not break off into your Cockapoo’s coat. If the bristles are left in the coat, it may lead to injury and infection. A brush with flexible bristles is also a great option. 

Comfortable for your Cockapoo

Cockapoos are prone to sensitive skin owing mainly to their Poodle genes. Their skin can become dry and crack, with even the slightest brushing causing discomfort and pain. You need to make sure the brush you pick is suited to sensitive skin and does not scrape the skin. It should also not pull on the fur too much since this may result in breakage of the hair and possible inflammation. Make brushing a relaxing and comfortable experience for your Cockapoo because if your pup starts to associate negative feelings with brushing, it may run and hide at the very sight of a brush and make grooming a stressful experience for itself and you.  

Ergonomic design 

You’ll need a brush that you can comfortably hold in your hand and use. Otherwise, the experience will be unpleasant for you, and you may not be able to make brushing into the bonding session with your Cockapoo that you wanted. Pick a brush with a handle that does not dig into your skin too much and one that isn’t too heavy. If you choose a very heavy brush, you’ll suffer from fatigue and possible wrist and arm pain. 


How often should I brush my Cockapoo?

Due to the wide variety of coat types in Cockapoos, it is difficult to say exactly how much brushing all Cockapoos need. It changes with coat type, and pups with curlier hair usually require more upkeep due to the fact that the coat may become matted more easily. Daily brushing, in this case, is encouraged. For a Cockapoo with a wavier and longer coat, brushing every other day should help get rid of any loose undercoat and keep the coat tangle and knot-free. 

What are the different kinds of grooming tools I will need? 

If you want to bring the doggie salon home, there are a few things you’ll need in addition to a good quality brush (one of each type of brush would be best). You should purchase a high-quality pair of sharp salon scissors as well as trimming shears to maintain your pup’s coat and ensure it isn’t getting too long since this may impede your Cockapoo’s movement. A clipper with different heads is a handy addition as well. You’ll need some detangling solution and a good-quality natural shampoo, and you and your fancy pup should be good to go!  

Can I use a human hairbrush on my Cockapoo? 

Using any grooming products designed specifically for humans on your Cockapoo is generally discouraged. This is mostly because of the fact that these tools and products are not made keeping the specific physical needs of your pup in mind. A typical paddle brush may not be able to brush the Cockapoo’s tight curls efficiently, and a human hair comb may break off when used on a pup. Stick to dog-specific grooming tools to stay on the safe side.   

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