Best Brushes for Aussiedoodles


These big boys are positively bursting at the seams with a playful energy! Aussiedoodles are delightful pups that love to run around and be around people. They are very friendly and social, and they will be brimming with excitement at the mere mention of an outdoor play session. A cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, this pup has the big brain energy of both parent breeds. A delight to train and a great friend, this pup loves to run around and get dirty.

Their playful nature means Aussiedoodles are likely to get all manner of dirt and debris stuck in their coats, which means brushing sessions are absolutely necessary to ensure the pup’s coat stays clean, smooth, and tangle-free. Aussiedoodle coats can vary when it comes to type, depending on which parent breed this pup takes after more.

If the pup has more of the Poodle traits, it will have a coat with tighter curls which generally demand a bit more upkeep, and if it takes after the Australian Shepherd, the pup will have loose waves and will shed a bit more than you’d expect from a supposed ‘hypoallergenic’ breed. Brushing is very important in either case, and a quality brush is a must-have to ensure a happy and healthy Aussiedoodle! 

10 Best brushes for Aussiedoodles  

1. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

This brush is a great option for dog owners with a long and wavy-haired Aussiedoodle. Pups with looser coats tend to shed a bit more than those with tighter curls, and this brush effectively removes loose fur from your Aussiedoodle’s coat. It also works to get rid of any debris lodged in the coat from an outdoor play session, and the rounded tips of the bristles ensure a comfortable brushing experience for your pup. It is also lightweight and has a comfortable handle to ensure a pleasant grooming experience for you as well.  

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush

This one’s a dog owner’s favorite for many reasons. The top of the list is that this brush effectively digs into the coat to clean it of debris and detangle the fur without scraping your Aussiedoodle’s skin. Also, a great feature of this brush is that it has retractable bristles, which means once you’re done brushing your pup, you can simply retract the bristles and wipe the cushion clean! 

3. Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Another great option for pups with looser and relatively straighter coats. It digs into the fur to ensure a thorough brushing, but make sure not to dig too deep with this since it may end up scarping your pup’s skin. The comb has two sides. The part with the teeth further apart helps to detangle and clean, while the part with the teeth closes together serves to smooth over already brushed hair for an extra shiny coat! 

4. Andis Premium Large Firm Pet Slicker Brush

This brush is a great option for bigger pups, so it’s a great fit for your Aussiedoodle. The brush has pin bristles which work to separate, detangle and smooth out your pup’s coat, and it is ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable brushing experience for the dog owner as well. It is constructed with durable materials, which means it’ll stay intact for longer and won’t snap during the first week of use.  

5. JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

This brush is a great option for Aussiedoodle’s with skin that is a bit on the sensitive side. The bristles are turned at 90-degree angles, which means when you brush your pup, the bristle stays parallel to your Aussiedoodle’s skin, and the bristles do not scrape it, preventing painful scratches. It’s a great brush for pups that shed a little since it does a great job of gathering loose fur. 

6. Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

This is another great option by Andis! This brush does a wonderful job of getting through your Aussiedoodle’s entire coat, leaving it as smooth as ever. The design is such that it helps redistribute the natural oils secreted by the Aussiedoodle’s skin, giving the coat a glossy and clean appearance. The stem is ergonomically designed, making it very comfortable to use so that you can effectively bond with your Aussiedoodle over a long and relaxing brushing session!

7. Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Perfect for big boys like the Aussiedoode, this brush is a great 2-in-1 option. The bristles on this brush help separate and smooth out the coat, making it look so much more healthy. This brush also serves to redistribute the natural oils secreted by the Aussiedoodle’s skin across the entire coat, making it look glossier. This is great after a particularly rough play session since it helps get rid of most first and debris lodged in the skin. 

8. Four Paws Magic Coat Pin Brush for Dogs

Elevate your brushing sessions with this great brush that also doubles as a massager. The bristles gently massage the surface of the skin to increase blood flow and promote the growth of a healthier coat. Your Aussiedoodle is bound to love this brush, and it’ll be sitting at your feet for hours on end so long as your keep brushing its coat with this!

9. FURminator Slicker Brush

While this may not be the most durable brush out there, it definitely does a great job while it lasts! This brush effectively removes dust and debris from the coat and also helps to smoothen and detangle, leaving your pup with luscious and shiny fur. 

10. Tailmate Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

This is a super easy-to-use option that effectively redistributes the natural oils in the coat. It works to detangle and rid the coat of debris as well. This brush also helps to keep any matted fur at bay. 


Things to consider before choosing a brush for Aussiedoodles 

Wooden handles and backs   

Generally speaking, Aussiedoodles are prone to dry skin owing to their Poodle genes. However, their skin secretes natural oils that help keep their coat and skin moisturized. A wooden brush is great because it helps redistribute the oil, which may gather at certain parts of the coat due to the higher number of glands in that area. Wood naturally absorbs oil, and when the wooden brush is used to groom the coat, the oil spreads out evenly. Wood is also a better option for the more environmentally conscious dog owners out there. It is a much more sustainable option than plastic, and high-quality wood is much less likely to snap during use than plastic (which is usually more flimsy). 

Durable build 

You need a brush that can handle this excited pup. Aussiedoodles are big dogs with even bigger personalities, and chances are they may break a low-quality brush by either sitting on it or by moving a bit too roughly during a brushing session. You’ll want to purchase a brush that is made up of high-quality, durable materials that won’t snap easily. You also want a brush with the bristles and pins firmly attached to the paddle since you don’t want to risk them breaking off and getting lost in your pup’s fur. These may cause injuries later and lead to infections, so be very careful. A brush with flexible bristles is a great option since the chances of breakage are minimized. 

Comfortable for your Aussiedoodle  

This big boy deserves a grooming session filled with tender love and care. You cannot achieve that if the brush you are using has pins that scrape and cut the skin or a brush that pulls on the fur a bit too much, causing breakage. Your Aussiedoodle may start fearing the brush if the grooming sessions become a bit too uncomfortable and bolt at the sight of it. This will make grooming rather unpleasant for both you and your pup. You want to make brushing a bonding experience between you and your Aussiedoodle where your pup can relax and spend time with you. Pick a brush that suits this purpose.  

Ergonomic design 

Just like your pup’s comfort is incredibly important, so is yours. If you are having a bad time brushing your Aussiedoodle, it may not turn into the bonding session you were hoping for. Go for a brush with an ergonomic design built to comfortably fit in your hand. The brush should not be too heavy, and the paddle and handle should be well-balanced so that your arm does not get tired during brushing. If you use a brush with an uncomfortable design for too long, you may end up with arm and wrist pain. 


How often should I brush my Aussiedoodle?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on the coat of your Aussiedoodle. However, on average, you can expect to give an Aussiedoodle with a curlier coat a daily brushing to prevent any matted fur. An Aussiedoodle with a wavier coat will generally shed more, and you can expect to brush this pup every other day to get of any tangles or loose fur. 

Can I use a human hairbrush on my Aussiedoodle? 

This isn’t the best idea because your hairbrush is designed for human needs and is built for a human scalp. A dog has different needs and needs a brush designed to get through its specific coat and groom it efficiently. A human hairbrush may not be able to do as well of a job and may get caught in your pup’s fur and break. It is always better to use dog-specific grooming tools.

What are the different types of brushes for Aussiedoodles? 

There are quite a few different types of brushes out there for pups. These include pin brushes, bristle brushes, dematters, and combs. For an Aussiedoodle with curlier hair, a dematter should work best. However, for pups with wavier coats, a pin brush is ideal.  


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