These big boys are positively bursting at the seams with a playful energy! Aussiedoodles are delightful pups that love to run around and be around people. They are very friendly and social, and they will be brimming with excitement at the mere mention of an outdoor play session. A cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, this pup has the big brain energy of both parent breeds. A delight to train and a great friend, this pup loves to run around and get dirty.

Their playful nature means Aussiedoodles are likely to get all manner of dirt and debris stuck in their coats, which means brushing sessions are absolutely necessary to ensure the pup’s coat stays clean, smooth, and tangle-free. Aussiedoodle coats can vary when it comes to type, depending on which parent breed this pup takes after more.

If the pup has more of the Poodle traits, it will have a coat with tighter curls which generally demand a bit more upkeep, and if it takes after the Australian Shepherd, the pup will have loose waves and will shed a bit more than you’d expect from a supposed ‘hypoallergenic’ breed. Brushing is very important in either case, and a quality brush is a must-have to ensure a happy and healthy Aussiedoodle! 

10 Best brushes for Aussiedoodles  

Cockapoos are adorable, and that’s a fact. These pups are so affectionate and playful, and they truly inherit the best of both parent breeds. This pup is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, and it has the brains and beauty of both. They love to be around people and are especially attached to their human families. The Cockapoo can come in a variety of coat types, and the outcome is highly dependent on which parent the pup takes after. These pups are generally low-shedding owing to the Poodle genes, but that isn’t exactly a guarantee.

All dogs will shed a little bit, at least. Their coats range from tight and curly to loose and wavy. The tight curls, on average, need more brushing and upkeep than the straighter varieties because curlier hair is more prone to developing mats. Regular brushing is very important, and you need to have a good dog brush to use for this purpose. Here are our top picks for Cockapoo brushes on the market. 

10 Best brushes for Cockapoos 

Goldendoodle’s are a bunch of incredibly good-looking pups. In addition to that, they are also an absolute joy to have around and are made of 100% BFF material. A cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, Goldendoodles are some of the most affectionate and playful dogs out there. Thanks to the Poodle genes, these pups often have a coat that is very low in shedding, which makes them great pets for people that don’t handle pet fur and dander around the house very well.

They have a gorgeous coat that can vary in texture and length depending on which parent they take after. They can have a long and luxuriously wavy coat that in many ways resembles human hair, or they can have a softer and curly coat that is referred to as a fleece coat. While these pups don’t need much in the way of grooming, regular brushing is very important to ensure that your Goldendoodle’s coat stays smooth and free of any matted fur or tangles. Due to this, the brush you choose is of key importance. We have compiled a list of the best brushes out there for Goldendoodles so that your pup can stay looking as good as they feel! 

10 Best brushes for Goldendoodles 

If there is one thing that can be said for sure about Labradoodles, it is that they are an absolute delight to have in your home. These pups are super affectionate and active, and they make wonderful family dogs thanks to their calm and caring nature. These pups love to spend time with their owners, and they will be jumping for joy at the mention of playtime. These dogs are a cross between the Poodle and the Labrador Retriever, both of which are incredibly smart dogs. The Labradoodle has a coat that is often low-shedding, owning mainly to their Poodle genes.

This makes them wonderful pets for people that cannot tolerate loose fur and demanded every well. Their coat can come in quite a few different varieties. If the pup takes after the Labrador parent, they’ll have wavy hair that resembles human hair, and this type of coat can shed a bit. The other types are fleece and wool coats which are curlier and generally don’t shed as much. Labradoodles aren’t very high-maintenance, and all they really need is a good brushing session every now and then to keep their coat looking healthy. Here are our picks for the best brushes for Labradoodles out there.  

10 Best brushes for Labradoodles 

Maltipoos are so cute that they’ll make your heart melt with a single head tilt! These little pups take full advantage of their teddy bear-like appearance to get their way and always be the center of attention. Maltipoos are the fun-sized result of a cross between a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Maltese, and they are as playful as they are small! These pups have a soft, cotton-like coat that makes them the perfect cuddle companions after a long day, and they will be jumping for joy at the prospect of curling up with you on the couch in front of the TV.

They are also super playful and are known to be a little anxious by nature, so they really need all of your tender love and care. Their coats are low shedding, and low demanded thanks to the Poodle genes, but they require a fair bit of upkeep to keep their coats looking fluffy and well-groomed. A brush is key when it comes to making sure your Maltipoo stays looking as adorable as ever. Here are our top picks for Maltipoo brushes. 

10 Best brushes for Maltipoos

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