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If you’re looking for a pup that is as cute as it is friendly, look no further! The Pugapoo is a cross between a Pug and a Poodle, and they inherit the best qualities from both parents. These dogs love to have some fun and are incredibly affectionate. Due to their amicable nature, they are bound to get along with everybody, be it children, adults, or seniors. In fact, these dogs also enjoy the company of other animals, making them the perfect family pups for homes with multiple pets!


Origin & History of Pugapoos

As is the case with most of the members of the Doodle clan, the origin of the Pugapoo is largely unknown. These pups have probably existed through accidental breeding long before any intentional efforts to bring together the Poodle and the Pug began. Unlike their purebred parents, there is a lack of documentation when it comes to the Pugapoo, and so details of their history and origin are unknown.

Personality and Temperament

While the Pugapoo is a pretty laid-back pup, it isn’t necessarily low in energy. These dogs are incredibly loving and want nothing more than to spend time around their humans. They thrive off of attention, and they love to have fun. These playful dogs are relatively social, happy to become friends with new people. The Pugapoo is an intelligent pup and requires training and mental stimulation. However, due to their smart nature, they pick up tricks and desired behaviors with ease. They make great family pets since they get along well with almost everybody, children included. Just be sure to keep watch when your Pugapoo is around kids since they are quite accident-prone due to their small size. They may get a bit barky in nature, so early training is important. To get a good idea of the kind of personality your Pugapoo will grow up to have, spend time around the Pug and Poodle parents. The temperament of the parents is usually a good indicator of the kind of temperament your Pugapoo puppy will grow up to have.

Pugapoo Size

While the exact size of this pup may vary, they will almost always be small dogs. A Pugapoo will grow up to be anywhere between 8 to 15 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds.

Pugapoo Health

The Pugapoo is generally a healthier dog, as compared to both the Pug and the Poodle, due to some level of hybrid vigor present in this pup because of mixed breeding. However, there are certain illnesses that affect both the parents that may rear their heads in the Pugapoo. While it is not necessary that your Pugapoo will develop any of these illnesses, ensure regular veterinarian check-ups to catch any potential illnesses early and treat them promptly. When getting your pooch from a breeder, be sure to get health clearances of both parent dogs. Some issues that may surface during your Pugapoo’s lifetime include breathing issues, hip dysplasia, eye infections, and allergies.


Pugapoo Care and Training

While the Pugapoo has quite a bit of energy, their exercise needs really aren’t all that demanding. These dogs will be happy with a short walk or a fun little low-intensity game of fetch. They are rather smart, so it is necessary to provide a fair bit of mental stimulation for them. If the Pugapoo cannot release their pent-up energy or become a little too bored, they may become destructive. They are happy around kids since they get a good amount of physical stimulation as well as a mental workout around them. This makes them perfect family pets. Due to their high intelligence, they are very responsive and thus easy to train. Use a lot of positive reinforcements and steer clear of any harsh punishments like yelling.


No two Pugapoos are the same, and a diet that works for one dog may not work for another. When it comes to this pup, it’s best to speak to a veterinarian to properly assess their nutritional needs and design a feeding plan accordingly. High-quality dry dog food is ideal when it comes to Pugapoos. However, the amount may vary depending on the age, size, and energy levels of your pooch.

Coat Color, Types, Shedding

A Pugapoo can have a coat that is either straight or curly, both types being mostly low-shedding. The main colors these pups are available in are black, brown, white, grey, gold, and cream.

Pugapoo Grooming

Regular brushing is incredibly important when it comes to the Pugapoo to ensure its coat stays free of matted fur and tangles. Curlier coats generally require more upkeep as compared to straight coats. Brush your pup’s teeth regularly to prevent any buildup and bathe them only when necessary. Excessive bathing can dry out their skin.

Deciding on a Pugapoo

The Pugapoo is a right fit for you if:

  • You want a small dog
  • You want a pup with moderate exercise needs
  • You want a dog that is easy to train

The Pugapoo is not a right fit for you if:

  • You want a dog that can accompany you on treks and runs
  • You are looking for a guard dog to protect your home
  • You live in an area with noise restrictions

Getting a Pugapoo

How Much is a Pugapoo Puppy?

A Pugapoo puppy will cost anywhere between $100 to $750.

Pugapoo Breeders

Rescue and Adoption

  When it comes to pets, it is always better to adopt than to shop! Here’s a list of organizations that shelter Pugapoos (among other breeds):

3515 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
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