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This little pup has quite the personality. The Affenpoo is an incredibly friendly little dog that will love you with all of its heart. These are small dogs that love to be around their humans, and for that reason, they make wonderful lap dogs. They also aren’t all that active and won’t be running any marathons anytime soon. They are intelligent and bring the best of the Poodle and the Affenpinscher parents together in an adorable little package. If you live in an apartment or a house with no real yard and would like to bring home a furry little friend, the Affenpoo is the perfect pup for you!


Origin & History of Affenpoos

The Affenpoo originated sometime in the 1990s. Their country of origin is the United States, where Doodle popularity truly took off in the 1980s. It is difficult to say exactly when and where this pup originated since no breeder has come forward with the claim of bringing the Affenpinscher and the Poodle together for the first time, and there is also a general lack of documentation when it comes to hybrid breeds. It is likely that the Affenpoo existed in nature through accidental breeding long before any intentional efforts to bring the two breeds together really began.

Personality and Temperament

These pups love their owners with all their hearts and are incredibly affectionate. However, Affenpoos can get incredibly attached to their humans, which may result in some anxiety-related issues. These pups really aren’t the best option for people who aren’t home most of the time. These pups require their owners to commit time to them. Otherwise, they will get anxious and depressed. They are fairly social dogs but don’t necessarily get along well with children. Their suspicious nature makes them fairly good watchdogs, and their intelligence means they require a lot of mental stimulation. These pups tend to get quite stubborn, so early socialization is incredibly important. To get a good idea of the kind of dog your Affenpoo will grow up to be, spend time with the Poodle and Affenpinscher parents. Their personalities are fairly good indicators of the kind of temperament your pup will grow up to have.

Affenpoo Size

The Affenpoo is a small dog, with the average pup growing up to be around 10 to 20 inches tall and anywhere between 10 and 25 pounds.

Affenpoo Health

Generally speaking, this one’s a healthy dog. The fact that the Affenpoo is a mixed breed usually means they fare better health-wise as compared to their pure-bred parents. This is mainly due to the hybrid vigor that these dogs possessed, thanks to the larger gene pool. However, the best guarantee for a healthy Affenpoo is healthy parents. For this reason, be sure to get the health clearance certificates of both the parents from the breeder and be certain you aren’t getting your puppy from a breeder that mates dogs that are younger than 2 years old since that is when most genetic illnesses surface. Some health issues that the Affenpoo may be predisposed to include blindness, cataracts, bloating, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation.


Affenpoo Care and Training

The Affenpoo is a moderately active pup and will generally need an hour or so of light exercise daily. A walk or a low-intensity game of fetch should be more than enough for this breed, but it is important that they get to release any pent-up energy. Otherwise, your pup may cross over into destructive territory. They are also incredibly smart, which means they need a good amount of mental stimulation. Be sure that your Affenpoo always has a wide array of toys and trinkets at its disposal to keep boredom at bay. Due to their high levels of intelligence, these pups are quick to pick up tricks and desired behaviors, and while they are mostly rather eager-to-please, sometimes they may develop a stubborn streak which may make them difficult to deal with. Be sure to establish dominance when your Affenpoo is a pup so that it is aware of who’s boss. Mostly though, these pups are a pleasure to train.


When it comes to designing a sustainable feeding plan for your Affenpoo, it is best to talk to a professional so that your pup’s nutritional needs can be assessed. Your pup’s needs will vary as they age, so make sure you change things up when the need arises. In general, avoid free-feeding or giving one large meal a day since this may lead to issues such as bloat and weight gain.

Coat Color, Types, Shedding

The Affenpoo has a low-shedding coat thanks to its Poodle genes, which is generally curly in appearance. It will grow up to either a short or medium length.

Affenpoo Grooming

This pup isn’t very demanding when it comes to grooming. In general, all they need is a good brushing every few days or so to keep their coat tangle-free and healthy. Bathe them only when necessary.

Deciding on a Affenpoo

The Affenpoo is a right fit for you if:

  • You want a small dog
  • You want a dog that does not require much exercise
  • You want an affectionate dog

The Affenpoo is not a right fit for you if:

  • You want an exercise companion
  • You want a guard dog
  • You want a dog that is easy to train

Getting a Affenpoo

How Much is a Affenpoo Puppy?

On average, an Affenpoo puppy costs about $900.


Affenpoo Breeders

Rescue and Adoption

Here’s a list of organizations that shelter Affenpoos (among other breeds):

3515 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549
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