Adopting a Poomix Dog

Our poomix dogs welfare is paramount and is at the heart of every decision we make. Our poomixes are not rehomed on a first-come-fist-serve basis for this reason. We match a home to our poomixes needs, if we think your house would be a good fit for one of our poomix, we will be in touch.
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Adoption FAQ

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you didn't find an answer from here.
Application. Do I need to fill in the form?
The form is the first step in our process. Without this we can't identify or match a poodmix to the needs of your household. We can't start the process until this is received.
Time. How long does adopting take?
There is no set time frame. It is dependent on how many poomixes we have looking for a home, the prerequisites you outline in your form and if we have a suitable match.
Homecheck. Do I have to have a homecheck?
We will not rehome any doodle dog without a homecheck. They are extremely important for us to ensure your household will be a good fit for the poomix we have lined up for you.
Ownership. Who owns the poodle eventually?
Paperwork to transfer the poomix care to you will be completed before we move the doodle to you.
Aftercare. What happens after the adoption?
We will regularly check in after the adoption to see how you are all getting along. If any issues arise, please let us know and we can offer expert advice to help you and your poomix bond.
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Thank you for visiting PooMix! We are a virtual poodle mix resource website, so we do not have a physical shelter nor rescue facility. All of the dogs listed here were found on websites throughout the USA and Canada and re-posted here for convenience in locating poomix dogs. If you have a personal request about any dogs shown here, please directly contact the shelters shown by each dog . We do not have any further information other than what’s posted here. Good luck on your search for a new poomix dog!
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