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Learn which equipment is needed and how to do effective and quality grooming for you doodle dog.


Which accessories do you need? Probably toys, harness, leash, crate, collar and more. You’ll find these all from here.


Puppy training is essential, but actually every dog needs training. Learn how to train your dog, and which online courses are the best.

Poodle Mix Rescue & Adoption

We work with over 60 dog rescue organizations all over the United States.

We want to help to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for homeless or distressed poodles and poodle mixes.

Thank you for visiting Poo-Mix Rescue! We are a virtual poodle and doodle mix resource website, so we do not have a physical shelter nor rescue facility. All of the dogs listed here were found on websites throughout the USA and Canada and re-posted here for convenience in locating Poo-Mix dogs. If you have a personal request about any dogs shown here, please directly contact the shelters shown by each dog . We do not have any further information other than what’s posted here. Good luck on your search for a new Poo-Mix pet!